The Best [FREE] Remote Working Tools

Best Remote Working Tools

The 7 Best [FREE] Remote Working Tools

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Currently working at home? We got just what you need. We’ve listed down the crème de la crème of apps that you will need to make at-home work-life a whole lot easier.

Here are the essentials that have helped us skyrocket productivity and increase team engagement:


Get your tasks in order and make sure you don’t miss a thing! Trello is the perfect task management app to share with your team.

This app helps you stay organised using boards, which consists of cards that you and your team will add and accomplish.


Another workflow management app worth mentioning is Asana. Members can track projects and assign tasks, this app is designed to help make collaborative tasks and projects easier for your team.

Best Remote Working Tool Asana


Need to do a team meeting? Zoom allows you to video chat up to dozens of team members. No need to reach out to members individually, you can gather up your team for one big meeting- saving you time and effort.

Remote Working Tool Zoom


Discuss with your team in real-time anywhere you are! Say goodbye to lengthy email ccs and bccs, Slack is the way to go. Get work done with your team in the most organised and convenient way.

Remote Working Tool Slack

Google Drive

Need somewhere to store all your shared files? Google Drive is the way to go. One feature we tend to use a lot is shared docs. Making changes and editing shared documents on the go is a breeze.

Remote Working Tool Google Drive


Perfect for creating notes on the go whilst managing a busy schedule. You are able to keep all your notes organised and sync automatically across all your different devices.

Remote Working Tool Evernote


Now if any of you are like me, you have a ton of different account logins you will need to share with your team. Lastpass makes this process seamless and enables you to share passwords with your team without compromising the security of these accounts.

Remote Working Tool Last Pass

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