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What is SEO and How Can It Help Me?

We work carefully with the company at hand in crafting a winning SEO strategy which will produce results long term.

We don’t use old broken tactics like a lot of other “cheap” SEO companies.

Below is a quick rundown of how we produce results and get you ranking on page one of Google.

Before we start, let’s run through what SEO is.

Search Engine Optimisation is basically the process of ranking your website as high as you can on major search engine results. We accomplished this by using targeted intent based keywords along with creating as much content as we can in your business’ niche that includes those keywords in a natural way.

Our main goal is to get you as much traffic, leads and conversions as humanly possible. We DO NOT focus on bullsh*t metrics which result in ZERO leads and sales. We are results focused.

How are we able to produce these results?


We stick to a 7 step formula to produce results that will bring in more online leads and sales for your business.

  1. Preparing your website for SEO (Research)
  2. Content Quality (Do you have a blog?)
  3. On page SEO (Quality H1 Tags)
  4. Your Meta Descriptions (This will get people clicking on your Webpage)
  5. Unleash the power of backlinks (Start Building you a Backlink Profile)
  6. Quality Content Backlinks (Not all Backlinks are Created Equally)
  7. Making sure your sitemap is submitted correctly (Google Search Console)

We target keywords which actually convert and bring in leads and sales

We send through detailed reports weekly

We closely monitor your website for changes

How’s Your Website Is Performing?

Check your websites performance 🚀

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We are a Results-Based SEO Agency

We work with the client to create an SEO Strategy which will work long term and create lasting results.

Link Building

`The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google``. Want to find out how we can get you onto page 1 and get you seen by potential customers?

Keyword Research

Looking to convert your email list online? We offer copywriting and email design which will convert your list into paying customers. Want to learn more? Give us a buzz today

Traffic Analytics

You can have the best marketing in the world but if your website is slow and unresponsive your potential customer or clients will bounce before they enter their details or make a purchase.

Rank Tracking

Without monitoring your Adverts how do you know what's working? With the help of analytics, we can make small incremental changes that can take your business to the next level.

Content Creation

Adwords can be the most effective form of marketing you can use and should be a backbone of any online businesses marketing plan. However, your Ads need to be optimised and targeted to the right audience.

Back Link Building

To get recognised online you need to have quality content. We can get you noticed by creating great content whilst marketing it to the right areas.

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