Three Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Three Reasons Why Facebook Advertising isn't working

“Facebook Ads Don’t Work For Our Company”

If had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be able to.. well pay a week’s rent in Melbourne.

Bottom Line:

1. Your Targeting is off

Targeting is the most important aspect you need to get right when it comes to Facebook advertising.
Facebook has well over 2 BILLION users on its platform and you can basically reach every single one of them, so you want to be sure you are showing it to the right audience.

2. Using the wrong tool or metric

Facebook advertising has many different tools and metrics, a lot of people will say “Facebook ads don’t work for my company” when all they have tried is a $50 boosted post targeted at (Australia) (Ages 18-55)…. Of course, it didn’t work.
55 Year Old Sally from Highett does not want to see your Fidget Spinner. You must make sure you are using the right tool and metric. If you are doing lead ads make sure you are producing a lead advert with the right call to action and a landing page that loads FAST and will convert well.
You need to tell Facebook what you want, do you want Purchases? Clicks? Leads? Likes? Impressions?
Facebook will optimize your advert to show to the audience that is most likely going to apply the action you are after.

3. Learn and improve

Make sure you are testing different ads and call to actions. A lot of people will make an ad that goes something like this – “Buy My Himalayan Salt Lamp Today” (I’m still unsure why these are so popular).
Why would anyone buy your Himalayan Salt Lamp over the other 100,000 sellers online who are doing the same thing?
You need to have an offer and provide value to the customer so that they will convert later down the road. Instead of trying to get a sale today try and inform the future customer of the product then later retarget that customer with a call to action.

Let Facebook do its thing, a lot of people will stop their ad when they don’t see 10x sales in the first few days, let it run and assess from there. It may take someone anywhere from 5-15 impressions on Facebook before they finally decide to click on your link or offer.

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