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TikTok Advertising Australia
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How to Market Your Business on TikTok in Australia

Reading Time: 4 minutes

TikTok is more than just lip-synching videos and trending dance moves, this unassuming app offers a plethora of opportunities for your business to substantially grow and gain a loyal following, and ultimately gain customers. With lots of room to get creative and with over 500 million users each month, this video-based app is one you should not miss out on. 

Meet the TikTok App

Unfamiliar with TikTok? This app, formerly known as Musical.ly, is a video-sharing app that skyrocketed to fame in 2016. Making it one of the most profitable and downloaded apps in the world, and still growing! 

TikTok is a platform for users to create and upload short videos. The app started with lip-synching and dancing to viral songs, which became popular among teens and tweens. But the app has grown since then! Thanks to its popularity, more and more users have come up with other ways to use the app. TikTok has evolved to more than just music. 

Fast forward to today, the app has become an amazing platform for different industries. From pranksters to beauty buffs, in a span of just 15 seconds, the creativity is limitless! TikTok has evolved into the go-to app for people wanting to showcase their different talents or skills, then gaining a following that shares the same interests;  which now makes them an influencer. 

The level of engagement is far too good to be ignored. Businesses and marketers alike now turn to TikTok to bring brand awareness. Such as beauty brands having their product featured on an influencer’s skincare routine video. Or restaurants creating videos of their dishes being prepared. 

Now that we have delved into the world of 15-second videos, let’s talk about how you can utilize this app to your business’ advantage. 

We’ve listed down ways you can market your business on TikTok: 

Create Your Own Channel and Upload Engaging Content 

This is a great way to start! Need inspiration on the kinds of content you can create? Look to other brands’ channels of the same niche, check out their most popular videos. Replicate it and add your own spin to it! 

Hashtag Challenges 

The quintessential TikTok experience, the app won’t be complete without its fun and quirky challenges! Coined with a catchy hashtag name so it’s both memorable and easy to find. If your channel is yet to gain a following, the best way to start is to work with an influencer to do your challenge. Once you have launched your challenge, users are just a few clicks away to participating. 

Always make sure your challenges are easy to follow and most importantly, engaging! 

User-Generated Content 

Users love the immersive experience that TikTok offers. Having them join in on the fun is what defines this app. You can encourage your customers to share their experience or interact with your product on the platform. This is an effective way to gain conversions. 

Take for example this one restaurant. They offered a DIY option on their menu that encourages customers to create unique, off-menu dishes. The restaurant encouraged them to film their experience and their creation. This enticed other users that they flocked to the restaurant wanting to try it themselves, resulting in more user-generated content. 

Much like the first strategy, you can work with influencers if your brand is new to the game. 

Traditional Influencer Marketing 

Influencer Marketing is your best bet for gaining customers and followers. Influencers on TikTok have already established trust and loyalty to their audience, that whichever brand or product the influencer features, their followers are inclined to follow suit. 

To ensure success through this strategy, work with influencers with audiences interested in your niche. Next step is to let the influencer work their magic! They know their followers best. Remember, it’s not high-quality, professionally made videos the viewers are after. It’s all about authenticity. When you give the influencer room for creativity, this gives off authenticity to the video, making it all the more enticing to viewers. 

Working with the right influencer with the right audience is imperative. Make sure the influencer is the kind of person that actually uses your product. 

TikTok Paid Advertising 

1. In-Feed Native Ad-

Are you a fan of Instagram Stories? You’ll love TikTok’s In-Feed Native Ad! These ads allow viewers the option to click your website link or the order now button, landing them directly on the page. 

METRICS TO FOLLOW: click-through rates, impressions, total views, video viewing time, and the engagements received.     

2. Hashtag Challenge Ads – 

This appears as a banner ad, when users click through, they are taken to a page with instructions and rules of the featuring challenge. This is also a great alternative to working with influencers for Hashtag Challenges. 

3. Brand Takeover Ads –

This is the best option in bringing brand awareness and driving sales. Why? Because your full-screen ad will be presented to your target audience when they open the TikTok app. It doesn’t stop there, your ad will also appear on the For You page as still images, videos, or GIFs, including a clickable link. 

TikTok Call To Action Advice

TikTok has introduced a new advertising feature that includes buttons which allow viewers to sign up directly from videos posted by social media stars using its platform instead of having potential customers leave the app and visit other sites such as Amazon (or any site) where they’ll see advertisements there too before being able buy.

Don’t forget to include a call for action in your video.

Make sure you make it clear why someone should click into this post over any other video they are seeing whilst scrolling !

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Frequently Asked TikTok Advertising Questions

The best time to post on TikTok is during the morning hours. This will give you a higher chance of being seen by your target audience, as they are more likely awake and scrolling through their feed in this timeframe than at night when most people sleep or after work which can be too late for many users who have already gone home from school/work ’s day shift!
Yes! You can do email marketing with your TikTok followers by using a service like Mailchimp. It's free to use and you'll be able, for example: - Create an automated welcome series that sends out emails when someone subscribes or unsubscribes from the list;- Send newsletters on specific days of week/month at set times (e g every Monday morning);and more.
A view on TikTok is counted when someone watches the video for at least three seconds. A like or a comment does not count as an engagement, but it can be used to measure how engaged your audience are with what you post and if they're watching videos in their entirety (which means that those likes/comments were worth something). The more views per day will lead into higher rankings within popular hashtags which should result from increased exposure of content over time! This also helps us understand who our most active followers really might actually turn out being - people we want following back too 😉 .
YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are a few of the other platforms that offer video content sharing. TikTok is different from these in many ways: it’s not as widely adopted or well known to be used by brands; there isn't any kind for advertising on this platform like YouTube does with AdWords (which can also have very cost -effective benefits); it's not as intuitive to use for brands, and many users will be looking at this app purely on the basis of their friends using TikTok. This is a platform which relies heavily upon influencers - those who are either known in real life or have been able-to build up an online following due being popular with different audiences - and it's a platform which brands are only just starting to embrace.
TikTok SEO is simply optimising your content so that it's found by people when they're using the search feature on Tik Tok. Perhaps one of easiest ways to go about this would be with relevant hashtags - every time you post a video, make sure there are at least two-three appropriate tags in parentheses after "title".
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