12 Ways to Find Email Addresses

How to find emails for seo

So you have written an excellent piece of content. What’s next? Do you just let it stay in your folder, gathering virtual dust? No, right. The next thing to do is to publish it and have it seen and read by thousands if not millions of readers. What would be the use of spending hours upon hours of research, writing and revisions when it would not be seen or read by people.

Perhaps one of the best ways to share your work is through email marketing. Sending out high-quality content with your emails should be a given and done properly or else you may get flagged as spam.

So now you have perfect content, what should you do next? When you’re sending out emails, you also want to send it to the best contacts possible — in other words, they are the people who would be interested in your content. Consider that you’re sending out a sort of object or utility and it would be considered useless if you send it to the wrong person.

Imagine that you give a vintage dollhouse to a blind man with a fear of dolls. Not only is it wasteful but also a bit insulting. If you send emails to the wrong inbox, you are going to get a negative reputation and will probably get blocked or flagged as spam.

In this post, I will teach you about ways on how to find any email address quickly. Getting in contact with influencers and other relevant people in the industry will ensure that your content will be seen by the right audience.

1. Check out Contact and About Us Pages

You might think that this is a very obvious statement but you would be surprised on just how many people neglect to just check out the About Us or Contact pages.

These pages were created to contain contact information about your target audiences. Web developers hide these pages in footers, in links, inside the content, or in the author images. For example, you can try out revising the web address bar as is below:







2. Google an Author Page

When you do a google search of an established personality, chances are you will be taken to a page designed to contain the information about them. Often, their contact details or their managers’ contact details would be published so you can maintain a professional correspondence with them.

On the numerous blog posts, the names of the authors are normally linked into their own author pages as a way to credit their authors.

3. WHOIS data

WHOIS data is available to the public and is used to register for a domain. If you look at the raw registrar data, you can see the registrant’s contact information. From there, you can now email the brand you want to get in correspondence with.

4. Google

A big duh

How do you search for anything? We now live in a world where information is at the tip of our fingers. Wondering how to make a Baked Alaska or need instructions on how to fix a pipe? It takes less than a minute to google search for anything.

Google has become such a household name that you will probably have trouble looking up information that is not in it. Even the most mundane things like song lyrics and nutrition facts of potato chips can be searched in it.

So why not use search engines to its full potential? Just simply type your target’s name and add the email address on the search bar. If your target exists in the digital world, he/she will appear. If you are lucky, you will also be able to see his/her personal contact details which you can then use to communicate with him/her.

5. Facebook

Facebook has, for many years, dominated the social media landscape. You will be hard pressed to find someone who is not on Facebook and sharing their lives on it. This has become a gold mine for most companies.

Social Media Marketing has brought great success to thousands of companies already as it allows them to connect with millions of users. Many have claimed that Facebook, along with other social media websites, has brought the world closer as it made communications a lot easier. Now, someone living in New York can easily talk to someone in Thailand.

So how does Facebook help you with locating someone’s email address? When you create an account on Facebook, the first thing you will need is an email address. You can just go to their personal account and often than not, people forget to hide this personal information about them. It is usually posted on their personal profiles. This makes looking them up easier and faster than ever.

6. Hunter.io

Don’t want to do all the hard, backbreaking work of locating email addresses? You can just create an account with Hunter.io which will provide you with as much email addresses as you want for just a small price. Creating a subscription in Hunter.io is a small expense in exchange for unlimited access to email addresses.

While this may seem like a perfect thing, you should know that there are millions of people with the same name which could make it just a little bit complicated. You will most probably end up with a long list of potential email addresses so before you use Hunter.io, so make sure you know more information which you can use to filter out the results.

You do not have to be afraid of relying on technology. Technology has advanced to the point that software can do research with less time and money than any of your staff. For example, Teachinguide provides competitive information for Udemy online instructors to succeed. All it did was make the entire process smoother, faster, and with less risk. Another great resource we have had great success with is contactout.com

7. Set Up A Subscription Feature

One of the best things that you can add to your website is a subscriber list. Your followers can provide their own personal email addresses so they can subscribe to your newsletters and be well-informed of your services.

When you set up a subscriber list, all the people who sign up can instantly be considered as solid leads as they have clearly expressed their interest on your brand.

8. Check Out Other Social Media Websites

Again, you should use the Internet to your benefit. Connect with your targets on their Social Media accounts and boldly ask them for their email addresses. For example, Twitter allows you to tweet/mention anyone on its platform. Make sure that your language is still professional as this will distinguish you from other accounts. It is easy to get drowned in your target’s notification tabs so be patient.

9. Export LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn defines itself as a professional network instead of a social network. This makes it as one of the rare websites that you can post articles and links in but is not considered as a social media website. The site is known for its professional content, catering to corporate employees and businessmen who share business advice and post job listings.

With LinkedIn, you can easily connect with professionals that are in the same industry as you. You can also filter out their interests and their jobs so you know which ones to target. While it is not a secret, one unknown thing about LinkedIn is that it has a feature where you can export your connections.

10. Guesswork

Make an educated guess based on what you know about your target. Corporate emails are structured around their first and last names to make it professional. Rest assured that you won’t be able to encounter email addresses with birthdates and anime names on it.

Here are some potential combinations of corporate email addresses. Sending emails is free so it won’t hurt to try.





Or switch it up and go with the last name first before the first name. One email address in a company will tell you how their corporate email addresses are structured.

11. Personal Visit and Business Cards

If all else fails, you can always go the traditional way and do a personal visit. Personal visits will allow you to talk to your target and do your pitch. You can also ask for business cards which will contain their contact information. Some people devote a day or two just to go around companies just collecting business cards so they can get solid leads.

12. Introduction from Mutual Friends

Another offline way to get email addresses is to check whether you have mutual friends with your target. If so, you can simply ask for a referral from your friend. Chances are you will get a positive result. So how will you know if you have mutual friends? This is where social media sites come into the picture again. If you see that you have mutual friends/followers, then that is an indication that you have a connection with some people.