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The 2019 Guide to Voice Search SEO (8 Tips You Should Know)

Voice search is a rising SEO trend. Many people are starting to search Google using speech. Instead of typing, they speak their queries into their phones, home device or who knows, even their fridge? This development is a game-changer for all businesses. Especially local business, i’ll explain later. It’s a change in the old methods…
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SEO For Dropshippers in 5 Steps [2019 Guide]

When talking about digital marketing, the topic of SEO always comes up. It’s at the core of all online marketing. And without it, your online presence suffers. However, SEO strategies branch out, depending on your online business model. For example, if you run a store, your strategy will be different from that of a YouTube…
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Digital Marketing doesn’t work for Small Business?

First Published: FlyingSolo Think digital marketing doesn’t work for your business? Think again, says Adam Stewart and here are tips to prove it. Digital marketing and social media have become an indispensable part of any business strategy. I speak with countless small business owners in niche areas and service companies such as plumbers, electricians and…
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Digital Marketing and SEO Tips for Tree Service Companies

Table of Contents How to dominate online?Learn all you can about your local competitorsOptimize your website (SEO)Work on your Google My Business listingCreate engaging blog postsEngage your audience with videosFocus on a single social media pageFind local influencers in your nicheFocus your targeting on local resultsFinal thoughts How to dominate online? Digital marketing has become…
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Digital Marketing Chrismtas Tips

8 Digital Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales This Christmas

Table of Contents 8 Tips to Increase Your Sales This Christmas1. The time is now2. Unleash the power of Google3. Incorporate popular social media platforms4. Take advantage of organic results with content marketing5. Get in touch with past customers6. Come up with great gift card options7. Offer bulk deals and discounts8. Hire an influencer for…
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The 7 SEO Steps to Drop Shipping Success

Table of Contents How to do SEO for Drop shipping Stores?1. Preparing your website for SEO2. Content Quality3. Quality H1 tags4. Your Meta Descriptions5. Unleash the power of backlinks6. Types of backlinks7. Create a sitemap How to do SEO for Drop shipping Stores? Bottom Line: The process of optimizing your dropshipping store is going to be…
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How effective is social media marketing in the B2B industry?

Table of Contents Now:I hear this all the time “Social Media doesn’t work for B2B”Targeting Is KingDon’t Give Up Now: I hear this all the time “Social Media doesn’t work for B2B” B2B sales are becoming more and more competitive in this digital age we live in. Google Adwords has been the place many B2B…
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Three Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

“Facebook Ads Don’t Work For Our Company” If had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be able to.. well pay a week’s rent in Melbourne. Bottom Line: 1. Your Targeting is off Targeting is the most important aspect you need to get right when it comes to Facebook advertising. Facebook has…
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What is Mobile Responsiveness and Why is it Important?

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive? Why you must have a mobile optimized website The world of online marketing continues to grow larger and more competitive day by day. This means that all business ventures looking to achieve results need to optimize their efforts. This process of optimization begins with their website. The reason for this…
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Drop Shipping

How to make a passive income with Drop Shipping in 2019

Table of Contents What is drop shipping and how do I get started?What is drop shipping?The basics of drop shippingPick the right product to sellCreate a professional websiteFind the right supplierBe consistent with your marketing efforts What is drop shipping and how do I get started? Bottom Line: There is no question that passive income…
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