What are the Best Tips on How to Find a Good Digital Marketer?

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Finding the right digital marketer can be tough and it requires careful consideration and research. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to find a good digital marketer that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

We will cover topics such as what qualities make up a great digital marketing professional, where to look for one, and how much you should expect to pay for their services. When following these guidelines, you’ll be able to find the perfect person who can take your company or brand into the future with success.

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Why You Need a Digital Marketer for Your Business in Melbourne

Helps Reach the Right Audiences

PPC can be maximised by digital marketing professionals, digital marketers are able to harness organic methods and they can identify the type of content needed

A digital marketer can help you reach your target audiences more effectively and efficiently through strategic campaigns on various online platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc.

Understandably, not all businesses would opt for paid advertising in order to reach their target audience. And so, digital marketers are also able to harness organic means of reaching a brand’s target audience.

Develops Tailored Campaigns

digital marketers are able to ensure maximum engagement, they design creative campaigns for conversions and they develop campaigns to meet overall objectives

Moving your business forward in the digital age with a killer digital marketing strategy won’t happen on its own — you need the experience and expertise of seasoned professionals who know how to maximise ROI through the power of tailored campaigns.

Fortunately, digital marketing professionals in Melbourne are like magicians of sorts! Through their mastery of various digital marketing strategies, they can make a brand outperform its competitors, create unique content tailor-made for target audiences and draw potential buyers in to become paying customers.

Whether you’re just getting started or need help refining an existing strategy, they can craft a plan tailored to your needs that will generate leads and push for conversions. These custom-made campaigns have the potential to show major ROI and propel your business toward success.

Improve The Efforts of Your Marketing Team

digital marketing isn't just setting up an account, they can help your team maximise current efforts and a digital marketer can provide an outside perspective

If you already have an existing digital marketing team, then you very well know that digital marketing isn’t all about capturing leads or simply setting up an ad account. After all, digital marketing is a rapidly-evolving field and so skilled professionals need to ensure that the brands they manage stay ahead of the competition while boosting ROI.

When you hire a digital marketer, they find effective ways to improve the efforts of your existing marketing team. They bring a unique skill set to the table, combining creative insights with analytical thinking. Not only do they have experience with the latest technologies and platforms, but they can also come up with innovative strategies to reach your target audience. By leveraging their expertise and allowing them to work with your team, you can develop marketing campaigns that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Manage and Maintain Your Brand Reputation

digital marketers understand how a brand is seen, they are able to set the right tone for conversations and digital marketers will leverage multiple strategies

Digital marketers have an increasingly important role to play in managing and maintaining brand reputation.

With the rise of digital channels, customers now have access to more information about a company or product than ever before. This can lead to highly visible customer feedback that can either bolster or damage a brand’s reputation. As such, it is essential for digital marketers to have a thorough understanding of how their brand is perceived by the public.

One way that digital marketers can manage and maintain their brand’s reputation is through engagement with customers. By actively responding to customer reviews, comments, and inquiries on social media and other platforms, digital marketers can help the brand demonstrate itself to be responsive to customer feedback and that the brand values customers’ opinions.

Additionally, digital marketers can use these platforms to set the right tone for conversations and foster an environment that is supportive of the brand’s values and mission. Apart from these, digital marketers will usually leverage multiple strategies to best manage and maintain a brand’s reputation.

Track Results and Optimise Strategies

can track different metrics of success, able to understand comprehensive data and experienced in optimising existing strategies

With the right digital marketing tools, a digital marketing professional can track different metrics of success associated with each campaign; this allows them to optimise existing strategies while also developing new ones based on the data they collect along the way.

Increase ROI and Grow Sales Opportunities

digital marketers are familiar with how to increase sales, they can use the right platforms for conversions and they should be able to understand numerical data

With digital marketing, businesses have the potential to expand their reach beyond traditional marketing methods and access customers from far-reaching places. It can also help you accurately track results quickly, so you know where to focus your time, energy and money for maximum ROI.

Ultimately, hiring a digital marketer is an investment that pays off by increasing both returns on investments (ROI) and growing sales opportunities for businesses operating within Melbourne’s competitive landscape.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketer

Experience in the Industry

you need to opt for a digital marketer with the necessary skills, digital marketers should have extensive experience and their experience should be relevant to your needs

Having extensive experience in the industry of any given business is a crucial requirement for digital marketers. This is because they need to have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its behaviour in order to craft effective campaigns that will reach the right audiences, create tailored content that resonates with target consumers, and optimise strategies accordingly.

Analytical Skills

digital marketers should be able to interpret data, they should be able to make data driven decisions and they understand analytics reports for each platform

Digital marketers with experience in analytics and data are professionals who possess the necessary skills to track and analyse metrics associated with various digital marketing campaigns on online channels. From social media marketing analytics to PPC ads data, digital marketing professionals should have an in-depth understanding of data when it comes to the online space.

Knowledge of Digital Marketing Strategies and Tools

digital marketers are up to date with various tools, they are able to determine the best strategies to use and the platforms they know should include PPC

Digital marketers are able to leverage and maximise the right digital marketing tools and strategies in order to create powerful campaigns that will drive customer engagement and conversions.

Through the use of a variety of tools, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and more, digital marketers can craft targeted campaigns that reach the right audiences with the right kind of messages.

Understanding of Customer Demographics, Interests and More

leveraging demographics helps tailor ads, digital marketers can develop content that's engaging and digital marketers need to target the right consumer base

Simply put, when digital marketers understand the age, gender, socioeconomic status, location, lifestyle and interests of a particular customer base, they are able to develop content and marketing campaigns that will capture the attention of potential customers and drive conversions.

For example, if a business’s target customer base is young professionals living in the city, then digital marketers can tailor content and campaigns specifically to this demographic by creating visuals that are relevant to them, using language they can relate to, and running ads on online platforms these customers use.

Creativity in Developing Marketing Campaigns

marketers can create campaigns that convert, they should be updated on the trends and tactics and they need to have an edge in drafting creative campaigns

Good digital marketers understand the importance of crafting creative but highly tailored campaigns that are specifically designed to target the right audience and reach the desired goals.

Strong Communication Skills for Collaborating With Teams

marketers should be able to communicate well, they need to have the ability to work with teams and they should understand how the team works

When looking for a marketer to fill in the position of a digital marketing manager, he or she needs to have excellent communication skills, to collaborate with the digital marketing team when effectively delivering strategies and campaigns.

In addition to this, effective communication helps foster team productivity and collaboration which is essential when developing detailed campaigns.

Expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

SEO is an essential aspect of digital marketing, marketers need to know the right way to do SEO and they should be capable of link building and more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of digital marketing and it can be one of the most effective ways to increase a business’ online visibility and reach.

Marketers need to know the right way to do SEO and they should be capable of link building, which offers valuable connections to authoritative websites.

For this reason, digital marketers should have extensive knowledge and experience with SEO techniques in order to create successful campaigns for brands and businesses that target current and prospective customers.

The primary goal of SEO is to optimise content for search engines’ algorithms so that it appears higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages) to increase website traffic.

Digital marketers should be able to utilise multiple SEO tactics such as keyword research, link building, on-page optimisation, and more. They should also have an understanding of how different types of content rank differently on different search engines.

Ability to Write Compelling Copy

compelling copy doesn't end with social media ads, copy should resonate with a variety of audiences and compelling copy is key for targeted ads to convert

As a business, you know that compelling copy doesn’t only belong to social media advertising.

Digital marketers are invaluable when it comes to effective and flexible copywriting. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to craft compelling copy that resonates with a variety of audiences. Since they understand customer behaviour and interests, they are able to craft custom copies for each audience in order to maximise content for conversions.

Furthermore, good digital marketers understand the importance of brevity and clarity when writing copy for various social media posts, Google ads, emails and websites. They are able to create concise yet powerful messages that capture the attention of potential customers and convey key information in an impactful way.

Additionally, they possess the skills needed to make copy interesting while maintaining brand consistency. Ultimately, digital marketers use their writing expertise to craft engaging copy that drives customers to take the desired action.

A Portfolio Showcasing Past Work

a portfolio isn't only for social media managers, a portfolio gives you an idea of the digital marketer's abilities and you can gauge their creative skills with a portfolio

Having a portfolio isn’t only for social media managers or graphic designers.

Showcasing past work is extremely helpful when searching for a digital marketer in Melbourne. It allows you to get an idea of the type of work that the digital marketer has done before and determine whether or not they are a good fit for your own business.

In addition, a portfolio containing previous work can provide insight into a digital marketer’s level of expertise and experience in the industry, allowing you to make an informed decision before hiring them.

For example, you’d want to see their previous successes with content marketing or their approach to lead generation and email marketing you can quickly identify the marketers who were able to produce results in those areas over the ones who have no experience in those said areas.

On the other hand, if you need more help with social media campaigns, take a look if they were social media managers in their previous roles, wherein they were able to go beyond increasing likes, shares and impressions.

The Cost of Hiring a Digital Marketer in Melbourne

The cost of hiring a digital marketer in Melbourne depends on your business needs and the scope of the campaign or project.

It’s important to understand what you need from a digital marketer and do some research within your niche before committing to any digital marketer. Generally, you should expect to pay more for services that require more expertise or specialised skills.

Some of the things you can ask yourself while determining what you need are:

  • Will I focus on social media channels?
  • Do I opt for a digital marketer who has experience handling ads for lead generation?
  • Will I let a digital marketer take over content marketing entirely?
  • Do I let the digital marketer handle all email marketing-related tasks?
  • Does my team need help with social media posts?
  • Does my business need to increase brand awareness or focus on web development and lead generation instead?

How to Find and Hire a Melbourne-Based Digital Marketer

In this section, we’ll go through several things you need to consider when finding and hiring a digital marketing professional for your company.

Search via Melbourne Directories

filter through the results, consider the skills that your brand needs and review what their previous clients say about them

When searching for digital marketers through directories, you’ll need to filter through the results and make sure you research each digital marketer to ensure they have the right skills, experience and portfolio for your particular project.

Filter through paid ads strategists, social media managers, email marketers, etc. until you find several that you can shortlist.

Look at the Websites of Local Digital Marketing Agencies

browse through previous projects, look for client reviews and look at the types of clients they have helped

When looking at websites and portfolios of local digital marketing agencies, it is important to thoroughly review their work and credentials to make sure that they are the right fit for your project or business.

You’ll want to research each agency extensively and get an idea of the type of results they have achieved in the past, as well as understand any specialisations or areas of expertise they may possess.

Additionally, you need to check reviews and customer feedback from past clients to get a better idea of the quality of work the agency can produce.

Utilise Online Platforms Like LinkedIn

look for digital marketers with specific skills, view past work samples and achievements and read the recommendations they have received

Using LinkedIn to search for digital marketers in Melbourne is an effective way to better understand the type of specialist you need. With a vast array of professionals on the platform, you can easily access detailed profiles and portfolios, as well as contact details for particular digital marketers.

When searching for a digital marketer, look for those with the specific skills, experience and knowledge that you require. If you’re looking to grow your social media accounts and maximise your social media presence, then you’d want to opt for an individual who specialises in these aspects.

With a detailed profile on LinkedIn, you can view past work samples and achievements to get an idea of how successful the digital marketer has been in their respective industries.

Check Out Upwork

opt for a freelancer set-up on Upwork, read the testimonials from their clients and thoroughly review their previous projects

Using freelance marketplaces such as Upwork is a great way to find digital marketers in Melbourne. These platforms provide access to a wide range of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

You can view detailed profiles, portfolios and reviews from previous clients before making a decision on which freelancer to hire.

Tips for Finding a Melbourne-Based Digital Marketer

Understand Your Specific Needs

identify what your brand needs, identify the goals and objectives of your marketing and shortlist potential digital marketers

It is important for any company looking to hire a digital marketer in Melbourne to understand what exactly their needs are before committing.

Take the time to thoroughly understand the scope of the campaign or project so that you know what is expected from the digital marketer as well as to ensure that they have the right skills and experience for the job.

If you need help with maintaining social media channels and lead generation, along with content marketing then the digital marketer you will shortlist needs to have some skill in creative writing, developing a content strategy and experience in increasing website traffic.

Make Sure They Will Be Able to Deliver Results Within Your Budget

allocate the right budget, consider the pricing structures they have in place and communicate any deadlines for the project

When searching for a digital marketer in Melbourne, make sure that the agency or freelancer will be able to deliver results within your budget.

Research should be done into the services they offer that can help with your existing marketing efforts and take note of the pricing structures they have in place.

Finally, communicate any timelines or deadlines for the project in order to make sure the digital marketer is able to deliver within these parameters. This will help guarantee that your project is successful and cost-effective.

Discuss Contract Terms, Mode of Payment and Project Timelines

freelancers might have a different pay structure, discuss how the mode of payment will be and establish key points that both parties need to fulfil

Before hiring a digital marketer, you’ll need to discuss several key points surrounding the project. This includes contract terms, mode of payment, project timelines and more. It is essential that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and any expectations set out. You might find that marketers who specialise in paid marketing campaigns, social media advertising and marketing content, might charge more, especially if a marketer is in fact a full stack marketer.

Check if They Are Up-To-Date on All Relevant Marketing Trends

digital marketers need to be skilled and updated with trends, they need to know the latest changes in content, SEO, etc. and they must also be familiar with the latest tools

When looking for a digital marketer in Melbourne, it is essential to ensure that they are up-to-date on all relevant marketing trends. After all, the digital marketing industry is always changing and evolving and digital marketing professionals should be aware of these changes. This includes keeping up with the latest SEO techniques, content creation strategies and changes in social media platforms and the advertising world.

Ask Questions About Their Abilities

How experienced are they in targeting different audiences? What techniques have they used for ad campaigns? What strategies do they use to target customers?

You want to ask the ideal questions in order to thoroughly understand what your shortlisted marketers are able to execute and implement despite what their resumes and portfolios provide. Here is a list of some questions:

  • How experienced are you in targeting different audiences?
  • Can you explain the strategies used to target customers according to their needs and preferences?
  • What techniques have been successful when creating campaigns for specific demographics or geographical areas?
  • Are there any special considerations made when crafting a message for various age groups, genders, or ethnicities?
  • Could you provide examples of how your campaigns have achieved success in terms of engaging with different types of audiences?
  • How do you evaluate whether an advertisement has reached its intended audience effectively?
  • What marketing channels have you leveraged in the past?
  • Have you created a digital marketing strategy for previous clients?
  • Have you set up email marketing campaigns?

Consider Their Specialisation

digital marketers will have specialisations, their specialisation can impact what you need and assess if their specialisation caters to your needs

We’ve mentioned this briefly but we cannot stress enough how important this aspect is. When it comes to finding out the specialisation of digital marketers, it is important to know the level of expertise and experience they possess in their field. Do they specialise in social media marketing or are there particular marketing channels they are experts in? This may seem unnecessary, but this matters in terms of what you need to achieve for your business. Imagine hiring a digital marketer whose area of expertise is in social media advertising but you need an expert in marketing content, particularly video marketing and email marketing copies.


To summarise, digital marketers understand the local market and can develop strategies to help businesses stand out in the crowd. They can tailor campaigns specifically for Melbourne audiences, creating content that resonates with potential customers and drives conversion rates.

Furthermore, Melbourne-based digital marketers are well-versed in the use of various analytics tools, enabling them to track and measure performance metrics effectively, providing valuable insight into how campaigns are performing and where adjustments need to be made.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that some experienced digital marketers have strong connections with local media outlets, allowing them to pitch their clients’ stories or products directly to relevant publications and networks. When brands opt for marketers with such experience, they can achieve greater reach in Melbourne’s diverse market.

We understand that finding a skilled, experienced digital marketer in Melbourne can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Researching potential candidates requires substantial effort to ensure that you find someone who is capable of meeting your specific business needs. It involves sorting through numerous portfolios and assessing each digital marketer’s level of expertise and experience in the industry.

At Digital Bond Australia, you don’t have to spend those hours finding a Melbourne-based marketer.

Our team is comprised of the best digital marketers who have extensive experience in creating and executing effective digital marketing campaigns that drive results. We are well-versed in all aspects of online marketing, from SEO to growth marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Ads, content creation and more.

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