Jasper Art Review – Is it worth it?

Jasper Art - Is it worth it?

Ever wanted to create your own piece of art with ease?

Jasper Art is the perfect way to do just that! Each and every piece is interesting and can be completely one of a kind.

This article will guide you through the steps to create your very own AI artwork using Jasper Art and if this is your first time hearing about this, don’t worry. We’ll also walk you through the basics of everything you need to know about AI-generated art pieces.

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What Is AI Art?

Artificial intelligence art is an artistic medium that uses artificial intelligence to create art. AI Art can be anything from digital paintings and drawings, to realistic looking images. As described by the DailyArt Magazine, “Artificial Intelligence art piece refers to any artwork created with the assistance of AI. It can be a work created autonomously by AI systems or a work that is a collaboration between a human and an AI system.”

How AI Art Works

From simple creations to more realistic images, anyone can create a professional high-quality illustration that speaks volumes or piques the interests of individuals viewing the piece. But how does it work?

This article from the American Scientist magazine describes the process well. To summarise it, the article discusses that in order to create AI art, artists first need to input a range of images into the algorithm. This is called pre-curation. Once the AI has “learned” these aesthetics, it will then generate new images in alignment to them, which is called post-curation. However, it may be easy to think that the artist has little to do with the pieces created, but it should be noted that the artist is still part of the entire process, not just in the selection of these pieces. In other words, the artist is not simply leaving everything up to the AI.

What Is Jasper Art?

Potato flavoured marshmallows

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With the advent of AI, more and more artists are turning to AI tools to help them with their art. These AI tools can help with everything from generating ideas, to creating the finished product.

Some people worry that this will lead to a loss of human creativity, but many artists see it as a way to free themselves from the constraints of traditional art forms.

And if you don’t already know, Jasper AI is a company that specialises in being the number one writing assistant through the use of artificial intelligence. But just recently, one of the features of their software is the ability to create images called Jasper Art. This feature allows users to create pieces of art by inputting simple texts into the software.

The results are often surprising and impressive, with the software being able to create pieces that are on par with traditional artworks.

To give you some perspective into what these pieces look like, we’ve tried to create images of our own. Below you’ll see several images generated in various styles, moods and more. Plus, you’ll also notice that for every result, there will always be four images that more or less accurately reflect what we asked Jasper to create.

Sheep, Horses and Border Collies

Sheep, Horses and Border Collies

A Picnic in Alaska

A Picnic in Alaska

A Runner Winning a Fun Run

A Runner Winning a Fun Run

Why Use Jasper Art?

Apart from the convenience that Jasper brings, here are a few reasons why you should start using Jasper Art.

It Is a Great Way to Express Yourself Creatively

When it comes to expressing yourself creatively, Jasper Art is one of the best ways to do it. Jasper is very versatile, so you can create a variety of different types of art with it. Whether you want to make a painting, a sketch, or something else entirely, Jasper Art is a great way to do it.

It Offers a Great Price and Is Easy to Use

The fact that it is easy to use means that anyone can access and enjoy the process, regardless of their experience with art. Additionally, the great price makes Jasper Art a very affordable option for anyone looking to add some art to their collection.

It’s a Great Way to Learn About AI and Art at the Same Time

With the rise of artificial intelligence, both regular individuals and artists are beginning to explore how AI can be used to create art. Since Jasper Art is a web-based application that uses AI to create artistic pieces, and is designed to be easy to use, anyone can create beautiful art with just a few clicks, users can experiment with different settings and see how they affect the outcome of your artwork, and lastly anyone can get to know more of the technical areas as he or she progresses further.

Furthermore, you don’t need to buy additional credits to access this feature of Jasper, you can create hundreds of images without any limits on credit.

How to Use Jasper Art

First, let’s take a look at how DALL E works as this will be helpful in understanding Jasper Art.

DALL-E 2.0

DALL E 1's and DALL E 2's painting of a fox sitting in a field at sunrise in the style of Claude Monet
DALL E 1’s and DALL E 2’s painting of a fox sitting in a field at sunrise in the style of Claude Monet

What is DALL E?

Without getting too technical, Open AI defines DALL E in their DALL·E blog as, “…a 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to generate images from text descriptions, using a dataset of text–image pairs.”

How does that look like exactly?

One famous example of what DALL E can do would be the illustration of a baby daikon radish in a tutu walking a dog as seen below.

On the other hand, Open AI’s new DALL·E 2 model is a step more impressive. It still generates images from a text prompt or text captions with natural language.

For instance, the image below has a text prompt that includes an astronaut riding a horse, a bowl of soup, teddy bears and more. The resulting piece is not only realistic but actually encapsulates what was described in the text. It’s safe to say that the image produced was better than the previous DALL E model.

When it comes to the limitations in terms of the content that users can create with DALL E, Open AI states several limitations on their website, where one of which mentions this:

“Our content policy does not allow users to generate violent, adult, or political content, among other categories. We won’t generate images if our filters identify text prompts and image uploads that may violate our policies. We also have automated and human monitoring systems to guard against misuse.”

We suggest everyone who is starting with AI art to read more about the limitations mentioned in Open AI’s DALL·E 2 webpage, to get a better understanding of what is allowed and what is actually ideal.

Overall, DALL·E 2’s ability to interpret and respond to text prompts in a creative way is quite impressive, and it will be interesting to see how this technology is further developed in the future.

How Jasper Works

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Jasper works the same way as DALL·E 2 as you’ll see in the steps we’ve laid out below. But unlike DALL·E 2, there isn’t a specific rule about generating political content. Though Jasper does have a general guideline and other references for its users to follow, it does warn its users to be careful when it comes to explicit content.

Suffice to say, you don’t want to end up offending or defacing public figures or sharing political content that can be offensive or false. So we highly recommend that you read the following materials to help guide you:

Now that you’re all caught up with the essential things you need to know about AI art and Jasper Art, here are the steps to create your very own piece.

Step 1: Describe Your Art

Jasper Art's description portion

In the text box or description box, you’ll need to add details of how the piece will look like. Think text to image. What you’ll add in this section will help formulate the image. From the particular angle to the appropriate details, the other objects that go into your piece, concepts and illustrations involved, and other important data and information for Jasper to paint a picture.

Jasper has a guideline that you can follow via this link.

Step 2: Choose the Style You Want

Jasper Art's Style options

You can select your preferred style which can be a Cartoon, Line Art, Retro, Abstract and more.

Step 3: Choose the Medium of Your Art

Jasper Art's Medium options

For the medium of your art, users can choose Acrylics, Canvas, Chalk, Charcoal, Classic Oil and other options.

Step 4: Select the Artist or Style of Your Piece

Jasper Art's Artist or Style option

When it comes to the Artist/Style, it is more limited. With choices ranging from the following:

  • Andy Warhol
  • Ansel Adams
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Pixar
  • Salvador Dali
  • South Park
  • Van Gogh

Step 5: Add the Mood of Your Art

Jasper Art's Mood option

Simply choose from a long list of various moods that best represent your artwork in mind.

Step 6: You Can Opt to Add Keywords

Keyword chosen in Jasper Art's Keyword option is realistic

For keywords, select the best option as to how you would like your art to look like. Would it be photorealistic or highly detailed?

Step 7: Click Create

Jasper Art generating an image of a poodle

Lastly, click Create and wait for your artwork to be crafted by Jasper. If you didn’t like what was produced, you can change your description and click Create until you find a piece that you like.

Cons of Jasper Art

Although the images produced can be used for commercial purposes, Jasper mentions in their FAQs that anyone can remix and view the image generated by you.


AI art is a fascinating new frontier for creativity and expression. It’s still in its early days, but we can see the potential for amazing things to come. Jasper’s addition of text to image art feature has made the creation of AI art more accessible to everyone, giving artists a whole new way to create and share their work.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about AI art as much as we have and make sure to…

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Thanks for reading!