Guide to SEO for Australian Dentists

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5 SEO Tips for Australian Dentists

Oral health is essential, and finding a dentist sometime can be a hassle. As a dentist or Orthodontists, optimising your online presence can go a long way in attracting clients. Informing and ensuring that patients reach out to you with ease, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. Similarly, with the need to attract more clientele to your facility, dental SEO marketing would be crucial.

Below is an SEO Guide for the dental market in Australia that can set your practice apart from the pack and help your website rank first on Google. Stick around and allow me to walk you through. 

Why should you invest in SEO?

  • For fast accurate results

Patients want fast and credible information whenever they type in their keyword or phrase. For instance, a patient may key in “dentists near me.” From the results that come up, a patient is most likely to inquire the first two pages they see. If your page ranks poorly, the possibilities of a patient looking into your page would be limited. 

Similarly, search engines have mechanisms (crawling, indexing, and ranking) that they use to know which pages offer conclusive and credible results. As a result, Google ranks pages they believe would provide searchers with all the information at the top. Whenever your website has effectively optimised SEO, chances are you’d benefit by being listed fast.

  • To create free traffic 

For an excellent online presence, drawing free traffic to your site is one way you’re likely to have more patients coming to your facility and save on advertisement costs. Dental SEO is arguably the best way to market your business. However, it’s worthwhile noting that there are paid SEO strategies that can be used to achieve a high SEO ranking.

Here are four ways to create free traffic and increase your visibility on Search Engines.

Keyword research

Keyword search is the first step to ranking best on a search result. Right off the bat, list services your dental hospital or clinic in Australia offers to patients. Your services may include teeth cleaning, crowning, filling, and orthodontics.

Inside Google AdWords’ platform, enter each of your services individually into the keyword or phrase planner tool. This search would help you identify the keywords that patients are using whenever searching for dental services. 

There are two types of keywords you should be more focused to apply. They include:

  • High intent keywords

Results for top ranking keywords are what would possibly inform patients in your area that you’re a typical dentist out to serve individuals with teeth issues. As a result, patients would then click to your page and possibly schedule an appointment. Always strive to optimise your homepage for search results, and you will be on your way to having more clients seeking your services.

  • High search intent keywords

This search focus would primarily be geared towards offering information. For instance, a patient keying in “cleaning teeth at home” would not necessarily be seeking to hire a dentist. They possibly want to learn additional tweaks of improving their teeth cleaning process while at their abodes.

Search intent keywords are beneficial. They double up as hiring tactics and dental SEO ranking strategies. However, as a general thump of rules, as a dentist, focus more on optimising your service page for hire as this is arguably your key intent for having your website. 

Keyword optimisation

Here, there are two pages you’d possibly focus on optimising:

  • Business page optimisation

On a business page, it’s where you show the map directions to your Australian clinic to searchers. An optimised business page is likely to have a competitive edge to your practice and may draw in patients. Similarly, with Google maps appearing at the top of search results, optimising yours would make clients find you easily.

Some of the tips that you’d use to ensure your business page ranks first are:

Verification:  All you’d need to do is log in into your dashboard, locate the checkmark, and check whether your page is verified, and if not, follow the prompts to have it done.

Address and phone number: Include an official address and local phone number into your site. Addresses are what Google maps and patients would use to find your location quickly. Try to be consistent with this information in all your website’s pages to avoid confusing clients. In the same vein, provide categories, descriptions, working hours, and images of your services.

  • Website optimisation

On your website, your primary focus would be to make your home and service pages match up your keywords. Similarly, you’d need to optimise the homepage, service pages, and content pages. Ensure you’ve included title tags, Meta descriptions, headers, and body copies that are relevant to your dental market in Australia.

Citation and Links

Citations are mentions of a practice’s address, name, and phone number. You could achieve this by requesting patients to give their view on your services on platforms that conduct surveys or on the comment section of your website. Nonetheless, you’d also get citations from having your expertise listed on significant business or industry-specific directories.

On the other hand, link your pages with external websites. This kind of links are called inbound links and are arguably a strategic way of improving the credibility of a site and increasing your dental SEO ranking. 

So, how would you build inbound links? Jumping-off, ensure you use white links to avoid being penalised by Google. You can request citations with links to your homepage from websites in your field of practice. Alternatively, you can have your articles posted on other websites as guest posts and include links on the writings sitting to your website.  This way, everyone reading your guest article would possibly be prompted to your site whenever they click them.

On the same breath, provided writings and survives are scalable; researchers may also site your website on various issues and broaden your likelihood of increasing your clientele and ranking.


Tracking is critical to the success of dental SEO ranking efforts. Trailing would be achieved by following-up the stats on your website to see how effectively it’s fairing among your competitors’. Ensure you check the stats often to get an insight on whether you’d need to improve on specific areas in your website.  

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