SEO and Digital Marketing For Plumbers

Digital Marketing For Plumbers

Complete Guide to SEO and Digital Marketing for Plumbers

is it worth all the trouble as a plumber?

Well, if you are looking to grow your business as a plumber in Australia, you might want to take a read of the article below.

Plumber SEO is growing in popularity, and with the level of innovation and technology in the world, there is a good reason for it and definitely why contractors should rely heavily on this to not only remain in business but to increase their client base and get the word out there.

Speaking about the word, while word of mouth is still a good way of advertising for any business, it has its limitation especially when social circle begins to overlap, and people start to diminish, you realise that your business seems to take a nose dive.

So we are giving you a detailed plumber digital marketing guide to change your plumbing business.

Plumber SEO Australia

Haven’t gotten a call in days – does that sound familiar?

Just so you know depending on which area of Australia you are residing, there are over 20,000 searches for a plumber on Google per month and this includes everything from people looking for a plumber in searches such as 24/7 plumbing company, plumbing specialist near me and other long tail searches.

Even with all the searches, we still hear the famous words, I need more leads or how do I get more leads?

This article is meant to give plumbers the needed guide that will help them weed out the chaff from the grains and to create a successful digital marketing campaign for your brand in 2019 and beyond.

Digital Marketing for Plumbers —– are you ready to start?

Even in situations where plumbers and other general contractors understand the benefit of SEO and what their business can gain from it, they are faced with a steep competition online when they fail to use the right keywords.

This simple mistake can take a good business concept and rank it low on the Google ranking chart making it difficult for people to locate you online as people never seem to get you on the pages that matters.

However, in 2019, there are numerous options for plumbing companies with easy to use strategies to get you to the next levels such as

Website Design


Just like water flows through the pipes fluidly, your website should be like that; as this is the first impression you get to interact with your clients on how you want your company to be seen online. So the website must be

  • Fast and swift: your site should load without hiccups
  • Easy navigation: customers should be able to move from one page to another in quick and successful clicks for their needs
  • Mobile friendly – most people have laptops and tablets but everyone browsers on their mobile. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you are still in the past and need an upgrade ASAP.
  • Add a click to call or a chat option to get client chat or speak with you anywhere you are.

Furthermore, for a plumbing website, it should be coded for SEO that includes adding metadata like Meta tags, titles, optimised images of your website and jobs and schema as the following features will boost your website and help you get seen by potential clients.

SEO for your Plumbing Business

SEO For Plumbers

Leverage SEO and Local SEO to generate the leads you need in your business location.This is the easiest but most overlooked aspect of SEO. If you are a Plumber Based in Skye, try to include “Skye Plumber” in H1 tags on the homepage.

Another very important tool is to make sure your Google My Business listing is optimised for Local SEO and is attached to your Business location. If you don’t have a physical location, that’s fine, just link the GMB account to your home address and put the location as hidden on Google My Business. Doing this will still allow you to have your business location listed in the suburb or city that you supply your services to.

You should particularly pay attention to SEO on your website because

  • Your competition is using SEO to get ahead of you
  • People go for the first search result they see
  • SEO puts your plumbing company in the limelight.

How to improve your plumbing SEO Results

According to Google, most people that use search engine, opt for results on the first page, so below are ways to boost your business

  • Have a Google My Business page
  • Leverage on the local SEO of your business location
  • Ask customers to drop reviews on your Google My business and other online business platforms you are on or linked to your business

Social Media Marketing

Social-Media Marketing For Plumbers

If your business is not on any social media platform yet, GET IT ON NOW. There are over a billion people on their mobile phones scouting the net for businesses and contractors to assist them.

Social media is that platform allows you to reach out to more people, so have your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Google My business, LinkedIn and YouTube among others.

Add Videos and Images to your Plumber Digital Marketing Campaign

A picture says a thousand words and a video says even more. As a plumber having pictures or videos of your work like a before and after will give customers an inside view of how you work and your job qualification.

You can also have customers add reviews on their jobs so that other customers can relate with them when they are looking to use your services.

Tips to note when posting a video

  • Keep videos short and clean
  • Picture quality should be clear
  • Your landing page should have an image and a video of your services
  • Have a video blog where customers can visit and see the extent of your job as a plumber

Get on the Pay per Click Advertising now

Many people don’t understand the PPC, but it allows your business to be found anywhere on a search engine. The biggest benefit of PPC to your business is it gives visibility and relevance to your business as people are more likely to click on the ad they see first than go searching for another.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, you only pay for the ad when a customer clicks on the link for your services.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to keep in touch with previous customers and people who have contacted you in the past.

When clients fill out a form or subscribe to your service on your website, they drop their email address; this automatically becomes a mailing list that you can use to boost your business by letting clients know when something new comes up. I must add, with new regulations you will need to have an unsubscribe button and make sure you clean your list frequently.

Email marketing is also the best form of marketing for a plumbing business for a lot is reasons such as

  • It is free (MailChimps Free Plan)
  • It is cost effective
  • It allows you to connect directly with your customers
  • They get the first information about anything new related to your business
  • It builds your brand reputation faster which improves your business
  • You generate more sales from simple acts like promos, special offers and deals, and rebates.

Finally, the internet is there for everyone; and with more people online, you are able to get in front of more people than ever… So, if you are looking to establish your plumbing business in Australia and take a stranglehold of the market, you need to take note of the steps above to stay ahead of the competition and elevate your business to new heights in 2019.

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