8 Tips to Keep Productivity High Whilst Working From Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Working at home certainly has its perks! But not knowing how to utilise your situation might make you end up feeling lazy or unmotivated. Listed below are ways to make sure you’re at your best when working at home.

Pick a designated work area. 

Having your own area solely for work helps you focus and gets you in that   working mood! Your bed is off-limits, make sure your bedroom is strictly just for rest and relaxation. Choose an area with minimal noise and a comfy chair.

Get dressed! 

 Get out of those PJs to rid you off that sleepiness and into productivity. 

 You know how the saying goes, “Dress for the part.”, the same applies when working at home.

Listen to ambient music. 

So you’ve chosen the perfect work spot, now it’s getting a little too quiet. 

Why not put on some music? No loud and disruptive music, please! 

 Ambient, jazz, or lo-fi are the go-to background music for a conducive  workspace.

Don’t just start working! 

Imagine this: you wake up and then trudge to your computer to start working. Not an ideal way to start. Create a morning routine for yourself to set you up for a productive day! It can be a meditation or as simple as drinking coffee while reading the news.

Take scheduled breaks. 

You’ve been working hard, it’s time for a break! The secret to productivity is taking a smart amount of breaks from work. You can go for lunch or do some exercise. 

Make sure you’re entirely taking a break. 

You deserve that break so make sure to take some time off from your computer or phone. After that, you’ll be feeling refreshed and ready to jump back on it! 

Over-communicate with your colleagues.

There’s a tendency for miscommunication or forgetting certain details  when working from home and through the digital world, so make sure to repeat yourself a couple times through your work chat or emails with colleagues. 

And finally, know when to stop working. 

Don’t extend or overwork yourself.

Have a set time for work and a set time to spend the rest of the day for yourself or with your loved ones at home.

And that wraps up the ways you can stay productive during the quarantine! Stay safe and healthy, everyone.