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LinkedIn has over 660 million registered professionals, which makes it the top resource for B2B marketers. Thus, if you haven’t been utilising the platform to its full potential or you haven’t joined the platform yet, it’s time to think twice. Your personal brand and ultimately your business can benefit greatly from LinkedIn marketing strategies.

This article will cover the benefits LinkedIn can bring you and your business. Find out what tips you can utilize to improve LinkedIn marketing efforts, whether you are marketing yourself or your company. 

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

There are many senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and thought leaders on LinkedIn, which is its biggest advantage. The best way to gain attention from top-level executives is to work on your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is a preferred social network for business, although it does not gain as much attention as Facebook or Instagram. The platform is also used by many professionals and visionaries. Those companies looking to expand into the B2B market value it especially.

LinkedIn’s Algorithm in Brief

The LinkedIn algorithm is relatively transparent. In general, the material you share on LinkedIn should always be high-quality. First, an AI bot checks your content to ensure it’s not spam. In the case that your content fails to meet this test, you are unlikely to be featured in many readers’ feeds. Following your post being seeded to a trial audience, the algorithm will examine the engagement shown by that initial group. LinkedIn is unlikely to show your post to many more people if they show little interest in the post.

The LinkedIn algorithm will conduct further checks to verify the post isn’t spam and the results are credible to your audience network if it received a reasonable number of likes and shares from your initial audience. By spreading the post across more accounts, they will widen their audience reach. In the scenario where your article is performing well, human editors will eventually become involved. They will read the post and decide whether it deserves to be showcased to a broader audience.

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

It is important that you clearly define your goals and tactics when promoting your brand on LinkedIn. An effective LinkedIn strategy also requires a thorough understanding of your target audience. 

Here are some steps you can take to develop a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

  • Establishing Your Goals

Marketing on LinkedIn is similar to marketing on other social networks. How you publish content on LinkedIn and how you distribute it depends on your ultimate goal. In this regard, outlining your goals should be a crucial part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

You should ask yourself, what is it that inspired you to do a LinkedIn marketing campaign and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Typical goals might include the following:

> Building brand recognition – this is best measured by using data on your LinkedIn Page analytics

> Lead generation – LinkedIn is ultimately where potential business decision makers or your ideal customers are most likely to be found

> Reaching out to your target audience – you’ll find a detailed breakdown of this in your LinkedIn Page analytics, and you’ll gain a more intangible perspective in your LinkedIn Group participation

> Product or service sales – perhaps less prevalent on LinkedIn, but still possible using indirect approach

  • Creating a Captivating Company Page

One of the most important components of your LinkedIn marketing strategy is your LinkedIn Company Page. Your audience will have the first opportunity to interact with your brand through this channel. Therefore, it should provide all the information they are looking for. You can include information about your products/services, employees, and other essential aspects of your company.

Don’t forget to include your company logo, website URL, industry, size, and other details. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy will be strengthened indirectly by including these details as they build your company’s credibility. You could also add an image that represents your brand as a cover photo. Keep in mind that having an up-to-date and comprehensive Company Page will reinforce your credibility and professionalism, hence strengthening your brand’s image.

  • Optimising Your Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is also worth optimising for search, just like your website. As a matter of fact, it is an integral part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. With a well-optimised Company Page, you can gain increased visibility in search results, both on and off LinkedIn. By incorporating search engines and LinkedIn into your company profile, people can find out more about your business. 

Using the following techniques, you can maximise your Company Page’s search-ability:

> Linking Your Company Page

An inbound link profile is one of the most crucial components of a webpage’s ranking in search engine results. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy must therefore be designed to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page for search results.

Linking to your page is the easiest way. You can put them on your website, blog, newsletters, social media profiles, etc. Additionally, you ought to make sure that your staff completes their personal LinkedIn profiles and adds your company as an employer. Your inbound link profile is boosted as more links are created to your Company Page. Thus, your LinkedIn marketing strategy becomes more effective.

> Using Keywords

A LinkedIn marketing strategy is incomplete without keywords. Your targeted keywords should not be confined to your website and blog. When your target audience searches for your products or services, identify the terms and phrases they are likely to use. You should also include a list of your specialties in your company description.

> Publishing Relevant Content

Regularly uploading and sharing content will allow Google to index your content, in addition to helping you engage with your audience. Your Company Page therefore gets better search engine rankings, which allows it to rise higher up the ladder. Bringing relevant content to your Company Page feed to engage your audience reinforces your brand’s credibility and helps position you as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Getting to Know Your Audience

As soon as you know what your marketing goals are, it is time to identify your target audience. For an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need to take this into consideration. Depending on the parameters you choose, you can categorise your audience by job title, geographic location or industry. Assume that you want to sell an ebook about influencer marketing. Marketing professionals may be your target audience in this case. They may hold titles such as “social media manager,” “social media executive,” etc.

You must also take the time to thoroughly understand your existing audience along with the target audience. Understanding your audience and their tastes is essential to a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Your Company Page’s analytics section will allow you to learn more about the people who are following and visiting the page. This information can be used to gain valuable insights into your audience and to customise your content accordingly. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy, then, will be tailored to fit the needs of the people who need it the most.

  • Promoting Your Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page will do no good unless it is capable of drawing followers and growing your audience. Along with optimising your Company Page for search, you should also encourage visitors to follow it. You must increase your visibility to build an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. It helps to increase the reach of your content by ensuring all of your updates appear in their LinkedIn Feed. Furthermore, it also reinforces your company’s credibility if you have many followers.

Ask all your employees and colleagues to become followers of your Company Page. You should also include the “Follow” button in your email signature and newsletters, as well as on your blog and website. Your subscribers and website visitors can follow you instantly with just a click. To grow your following, you can also invite existing customers and collaborators to like your Company Page.

  • Create Relevant and Engaging Content

It is not easy to get a large number of followers for your Company Page. Nonetheless, building a large following doesn’t mean the end of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Keeping your audience engaged and in the loop is no easy feat. In order to accomplish this, you must publish and share meaningful content with your audience.

Content quality plays a major role in the success of your LinkedIn marketing plan. It is important to know why people spend time on LinkedIn before you publish content on the platform. Also, you need to understand their reading preferences.

One study conducted by BuzzSumo in 2017 examined 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn. One of the most interesting findings was that headlines for the most popular stories often included two key phrases:

> How-to articles – “X ways to,” “X things you,” “X tips for,” etc.

> Industry trends – “the future of,” “in the world,” “the power of,” etc.

According to BuzzSumo’s analysis of ten million articles shared on LinkedIn, the content that edifies users appears to be appealing to LinkedIn users. Likewise, they are interested in articles that inform them of the latest industry developments. Providing your audience with this type of content will help you to grow your business and your LinkedIn marketing strategy will be more successful.

Publishing Thought Leadership Articles is another option. Several top-notch executives and strategic decision-makers frequent LinkedIn, so your LinkedIn marketing strategy should address their needs to engage with them effectively. It is not enough to post content that floats around regularly on social media. Creating fresh and original content is a great way to connect with such an audience. So, you want to create thought leadership content in order to grow your LinkedIn audience and boost engagement.

Make sure your content doesn’t come across as overly self-promotional, irrespective of what you create. You can hurt your LinkedIn marketing efforts by doing that. You should also share useful and engaging content from other pages in addition to publishing and promoting your own. You can give your Company Page a new edge by promoting it and building relationships with other brands. As a result, your LinkedIn marketing strategy will become even more effective.

Don’t forget to include a descriptive caption, attractive images, appropriate emojis, and bullet points with your updates. Using this method can help break the monotony of reading text-based articles. For even greater visibility, you should also use relevant hashtags when posting content. You need to do this to maximise the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

  • Utilising LinkedIn Analytics

Regularly evaluating your LinkedIn marketing plan is an absolutely crucial component of your strategy. 

As discussed previously, Company Page analytics can help you gather insightful information about your audience. This can also assist you in analysing how well your updates are performing. Understanding how the “Updates” section of your Company Page analytics works will help you do the following: View a table that displays different parameters for your posts, such as impressions, clicks, engagement, CTR, etc. You can use this information to determine what kind of content receives maximum engagement and will help you refine your LinkedIn marketing strategy as well as create content that is likely to receive more traction to your audience.

To sum up, the use of LinkedIn for enhancing your digital presence is highly recommended. Start taking advantage of these tips in order to grow your lead pool. LinkedIn is poised to become even more critical to the lead generation and marketing strategies for many entrepreneurs in the coming years with its continued growth.

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