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There is nothing more important for a business than to be able to stand out and be seen by a large number of people. This is the ultimate reason why business owners decide to start marketing their services online. The problem is that with so many people are competing to be seen, most Tree Service Companies never manage to achieve any results and are stuck on page 2,3,4 or 5, never to be seen. We will be able to get you ranking on page #1 and have you getting more leads than you have ever seen before.

The process of search engine optimisation (SEO) is one that allows business owners to start climbing the search engine ranks organically. Before we go on, we have to talk about the difference between organic results and paid advertisement. Google always shows at least two websites at the top of their search results that are paying to be seen first, but the rest of the pages displayed on the results are there because of their SEO efforts. This means that they didn’t pay Google to be on that first page.

What those website owners did was create highly engaging content that provides valuable information to their audience. They did this with consistency and they made sure that every single post was created with quality in mind. The posts also needed to be targeted to an audience, so specific keywords had to be used in order to ensure that searches would lead people to their website. An organic hit is achieved when someone searches specific keywords in any search engine and finds your site in the results. Once they click, this counts as an organic hit.

We stick to a 7 step formula to produce results that will bring in more online leads and sales for your business.

1. Preparing your website for SEO (Research)

2. Content Quality (Do you have a blog?)

3. On page SEO (Quality H1 Tags)

4. Your Meta Descriptions (This will get people clicking on your Webpage)

5. Unleash the power of backlinks (Start Building you a Backlink Profile)

6. Quality Content Backlinks (Not all Backlinks are Created Equally)

7. Making sure your sitemap is submitted correctly (Google Search Console)

Go with the Digital Agency which focuses on Leads and Sales, not Impressions and Likes.



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